Food industry: Gold Bread factory offers quality bread

24 - 03 - 2016

BANH VANG Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of industrial bread built on the growing demand from Vietnamese consumers and has settled into the Vietnamese market in 2016...

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Digital online service: 3 mn, 2.000 US$, 1 Representative Office, 0 worries!

28 - 12 - 2016

FIDAL Asiattorneys joins the LEGALTECH innovation movement with a NEW DIGITAL service to register your REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE in Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s healthcare sector: SECURING A FOOTHOLD

09 - 11 - 2016

Vietnam’s healthcare sector: Mr. Albert FRANCESKINJ, Partner, Attorney at Law, shares his thoughts with Vietnam Economic Times about Vietnam’s hospital system and investments in the sector.

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Conference on the launching of Master in Civil Law by UEL and Paris I with our lawyer, Alejandro DOMINGUEZ, as special guest speaker and expert.

23 - 08 - 2016

A large audience attended the conference and debate for the launch of the Master’s in Civil law held  last Sunday 21 of August at AUF premises. The course promoted by The University of Economics and Law of Ho Chi Minh City and (UEL) and University of Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I)  jointly, will start in Septembert 2016. 

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The legal business in South East Asia embraces new opportunities with Cloud solution

07 - 07 - 2016

How did FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS law firm optimise its sales, financial and HR management with AtemisCloud ?

Law firms are usually seen as ivory towers, full of papers, all desks covered by confidential documents and piles of files lying more or less vertically on the floor, managed by stressed and old fashioned partners.


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L'ASEAN : 'A Community of Opportunities' - 23 juin 2016

01 - 06 - 2016

FIDAL Asiattorneys organise, en partenariat avec le MEDEF international, une matinée d'information consacrée aux opportunités dans les pays de l'ASEAN. Cet événement se tiendra à Paris le 23 juin prochain!

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New provisions on Representative Offices and Branches of Foreign Companies in Vietnam

10 - 03 - 2016

A new Decree detailing the Trade Law on representative offices, branches of foreign businesses in Vietnam applies from 10th March 2016 and brings some significant changes.

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Focus on our department “Major Projects, Infrastructure and Investment”

24 - 02 - 2016

FIDAL Asiattorneys creates a “Major Projects, Infrastructure and Investment” department led by Nicolas Ragache who joins the Southeast Asia firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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