Digital online service: 3 mn, 2.000 US$, 1 Representative Office, 0 worries!

28 - 12 - 2016


To start, click on this link: 


FIDAL Asiattorneys joins the LegalTech innovation movement and proposes a new digital service - quick, easy, secure - to register your Representative Office in Vietnam !

  • The Representative Office ("RO") is the appropriate structure for a company in the approach phase to carry out market studies, group information and actions follow-up with its importers, retailers, distributors; franchisee in Vietnam and the whole South East Asia region;
  • It ensures an official presence on a market as a non-profit center.
  • The Representative Office is therefore an efficient and easy-to-use structure.

In an ultra-dynamic Vietnamese and ASEAN market that is sometimes slowed down by complex administrative steps and extensive paperwork, FIDAL Asiattorneys wishes to streamline the process, provide an easy access to a secure legal service, enhance the delivery in the creation phase and accelerate your chances of success.

Our firm offers you a comprehensive digital tool that allows the client to share the required documents and information online with our lawyers 24/24 7/7, who can quickly draft the documentation, process the notarised translation into Vietnamese and file the paplication with the competent bodies. The client can follow the progress of its project, modify it, complete it in real time...

The exchanges are thus transparent and eased, reducing the procedural time and related costs for a flash editing of your work tool in order to conquer the Vietnamese market.

Benefit from the quality of international lawyers for a local price: US$ 2,000 (+ VAT 10% and real cost expenses), 3 minutes to complete our starting up form and in 2 months maximum, your representative office is registered !

FIDAL Asiattorneys offers you a fast, efficient, easy access and affordable tool monitored by a pragmatic and multicultural team of lawyers, expert in local law and practice, while maintaining the quality expected from European lawyers.

Our services always include dedicated legal advice, and we remain at your service after the registration for a long-term assistance.


Reaching the ASEAN market has never been easier ! Click on the link above and get started !

1. Register your company name and contact 2. Drag and drop the necessary documents

3. Receive a confirmation of mission and pay 4. Exchange the documents and sign, we file the originals

Mission completed ! 



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