FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS was founded by attorneys Albert Franceskinj and Caroline Chazard, members of the Paris Bar, and the law firm FIDAL, member of the Nanterre Bar.

Albert Franceskinj (since 1997) & Caroline Chazard Meas (2002-2018) have practiced in both Europe and Southeast Asia, and provide their international clients (SMEs, SMIs, MNCs) with international and domestic legal advice on their business operations and investments in Asia.

The first office is in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam, and regional base of Southeast Asia.

With a combined advisory and litigation practice we take a comprehensive approach to business law which we believe is essential both to ensuring an overall understanding of the client’s interests and to accurately defining and implementing effective strategies tailored to the client’s needs and objectives.

Our approach to the practice of law is focused on building close and trusting relationships with our clients, with in-depth knowledge and expertise of numerous practice areas and industries .

In selecting and implementing legal routes, we apply a practical and sustainable approach aimed at providing the client with solutions that are:

  • Adapted to its specific situation and industry,
  • Proactive, anticipating emerging needs and adjustable to changes in local legislation, and
  • Sensitive to cost control considerations.

Our clients include European and Asian companies as well as international and diplomatic organizations.

They all benefit from our international experience, our understanding of local laws and practices, our network of relationships within both business and governmental organizations, and our multicultural teams. They also benefit from the know-how and position of our partner, FIDAL, a top-notch law firm that is pursuing its goal of international expansion to be able to accompany its clients wherever their projects lead.

The lawyers of FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS and FIDAL will work closely with you, in France or abroad, to provide answers to the challenging questions that concern your business.


FIDAL has unique geographic breadth: our 90 offices in France allow us to be in close contact with our clients and offer nationwide coverage of the French business landscape.

A team of 200 lawyers based in Paris, and dedicated teams in other regions of France, handle cross-border tax and legal issues. These specialists assist French businesses that operate abroad as well as foreign businesses that are present, or wish to be present, in France.

Our Brussels office is dedicated to European Community affairs and maintains privileged relationships with operational members of EU institutions, while our office in Tunisia is one of our door entries to Africa.

From its inception, FIDAL has had a client-oriented organization which has since become a model in the industry. This organization enables us to guarantee excellence in both our technical expertise and our relationships with our clients.

Through our multidisciplinary coverage, the specialization of our lawyers and our shared value of teamwork, we are able to offer businesses a complete range of legal and tax services. This approach ensures that our clients receive reliable solutions suited to their needs.

Our “National Research Department” is our answer to the demands arising from an increasingly intricate legal system. It contributes to cutting-edge advances in business law, communicates these changes to all our lawyers and provides them with support on the most complex issues. Our clients thus benefit from proactive advice that guides them in their operational and strategic choices.

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ASIATTORNEYS Franceskinj Chazard Partners aarpi law firm was founded by Albert Franceskinj and Caroline Chazard Meas, Attorneys members of the Paris’ Bar Association with professional background in Europe and since 1997 and 2002 respectively, in Southeast Asia to advise international clients (SMEs, SMIs , large companies) in international law and local laws with their business operations and investments in Asia, with a strong specialization in Vietnam and Singapore.

The firm in Paris settled an office in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam's economic heart - in association with the major law firm FIDAL see above) called "FIDAL ASIATTORNEYS" (trade name), FIDAL Franceskinj Chazard & Partners Co. Ltd. (corporate name).

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